2015 Capital City Corvette Classic Awards

7 classes (c1-c7) – (2 divisions per class – Roadster and Coupe – for each class except the C1 class – a hard top cover will still be considered a roadster) – 2 plaques will be awarded in each division plus a trophy will be given for the “Best of Show” and “Mayor’s Cup.”

28 awards in all!

2015 Capital City Corvette Classic Results:

C2 Roadster – Runner Up – Randy Wolfe

C2 Roadster – 1st Place – Steve Hager

C3 Roadster – 1st Place – Norb Bax

C3 Coupe – 1st Place – Darren Collins

C4 Roadster – 1st Place – Tim Jester

C5 Roadster – Runner Up – Dennis and Sherry Suiter

C5 Roadster – 1st Place – Al Saunders

C5 Coupe – Runner Up – Roger Esparza


C5 Coupe – 1st Place – Jack Dayton


C6 Roadster – Runner Up – Rick Horsman

C6 Roadster – 1st Place – Terry Bax

C6 Coupe – Runner Up – Bill Kalmann

C6 Coupe – 1st Place – Eric Struemph (tie)


C6 Coupe – 1st Place – Keith Suchman (tie)

C7 Coupe – 1st Place – Jim Brownfield

Mayor’s Cup – Andres Ayala



Best of Show – Gary and Nancy Hollander




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